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Polar Beer Festival 2003
February 16th, 2003 - Pictures, Voting, Single Recipe Tasting Results, Brewery's, Beer's

The Royal Oak Brewery
The Royal Oak Brewery in Royal Oak, Michigan hosted their 3rd Annual Polar Beer Festival. This event brings some of Michigan's best micro-breweries to together in one location.  Each brewery has 2 or more of their hometown brews on tap for everyone who attends.  Like always, there was the Single Recipe Tasting contest (see below for more information) that proves each beer has it's own  uniqueness.

Polar Beer Festival 2003 Video
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Single Recipe Tasting Contest
All participants were asked to brew one barrel of the same beer.  The amount and style of malt and hops was identical for each brewery.  The only difference was the local water and yeast used at each brewery.  The goal was to brew a Double Brown with a target of 1.060 original gravity (15░ Plato) and a target bitterness of 25 IBU's.

Single Recipe Taste Contest Results
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Photo Gallery - Polar Beer Festival 2003 View the photos from 3rd Annual Polar Beer Festival
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bullet The Royal Oak Brewery
bullet Rochester Mills Beer Co.
bullet Arcadia Brewing Co.
bullet Big Buck Brewery
bullet CJ's Brewing Co.
bullet Copper Canyon Brewery
bullet Dragonmead Brewery
bullet Kalamazoo Brewing Co.
bullet King Brewing Co.
bullet Kuhnhenn Brewing Co.
bullet Lily's Seafood & B.C.
bullet Michigan Brewing Co.
bullet New Holland B.C.
bullet Stoney Creek B.C.

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