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Click on image for close-upThe Royal Oak Brewery hosted Polar Beer Festival 2001.  The Polar Beer Festival was a get together for some of Michigan's best micro-brewers to show off some of their best beers.  A total of 17 micro-breweries, including Royal Oak Brewery, were present, and over 30 different beers to choose from.  The Polar Beer Festival ran for six hours, 2 three hours sessions.  During the session you received a complementary glass, free food, and all the beer you can drink.  Only 140 or so people were let in for each session, and besides getting a complementary glass each vendor had some sort of free coaster, key chain, sticker, or pamphlet to handout.

Not only was there a lot a of beer to drink, but there was a single recipe tasting contest.  All participants were asked to brew one barrel of the same beer.  The amount and style of malt and hops was identical for each brewery.  The only difference was the local water and yeast used at each brewery.  The goal was to brew a Pale Ale that fell into the gravity range of 1.042-1.046 specific gravity (13░-14░ Plato) and a target bitterness of 35 IBU's.

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from left to right
Allan Milz,
Tim (the Brewmaster),
Ken Milz

Among some of the guests at the Polar Beer Festival, were Ken and Allan Milz (aka. The Milz Bros.).  Seen here with the brew master (Tim), of The Royal Oak Brewery.  Both Ken and Allan are Mug Club members, and frequent customers at The Royal Oak Brewery.  When asked what beer/brewery they most liked, they both said they preferred their home brewery and beer at The Royal Oak Brewery.  Although, Ken and Allan both said that all the beers were good and that they usually don't have time to go to these other breweries, so it was nice to have them all come together in one place to sample their beer.  Just for the record, both Ken and Allan had one beer at each of the participating breweries.

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Doug Haverstock

Also, Doug Haverstock was at the Polar Beer Festival, with his wife Linda (not shown in picture).  Both, Linda and Doug are longtime members of the Mug Club and are also frequent customers at The Royal Oak Brewery.  Usually, you can see Doug talking to everyone and anyone within a five foot radius when he is there having a beer and smoking a stogie.  Doug, tends to drink the porters, and stouts, but tries to stay away from the reds, ales.  Click here to see what happens when Doug starts to drink a red beer.

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